This article will introduce you to the current automation equipment market

  OFweek industrial network: the history of a hundred years is UPS, technology and equipment continue to promote growth and transformation. The history of technology and equipment of future logistics industry trends have played an important role in the automation equipment will give the logistics industry bring a significant development.
From the angle of logistics automation equipment development, the logistics environment currently faces 2 gradient, one is the mobile Internet, networking, robots, automation technology has been more mature, significantly improve the efficiency of logistics; one is the domestic labor costs continue to rise, especially in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen and other large city, the same is the main production area is a logistics company. In this double major environment, logistics automation equipment market is facing a very good opportunity for development.
  Analysis of the actual data from the point of view, the logistics automation market is indeed ushered in its spring, a number of professional institutions predict in 2018, the scale of the automation market will exceed 100 billion
First of all, the application of logistics automation is mainly in two aspects: one is the manufacturing field, the other is the trade circulation field, in which the trade circulation field is facing two major positive
On the one hand, with the express logistics companies listed, the company gradually increased investment in automation equipment, from several listed express company's prospectus disclosure, the total investment reached about 5000000000;
  On the other hand, the business enterprise to improve customer service, gradually increase the self built logistics warehousing investment. As a rookie from the 14 year to take positions, to further increase the density of Jingdong self built logistics center, including Suning also the latest planning construction of 12 automated warehouse layout and so on, greatly stimulated the development of logistics automation.
So many professional bodies to judge: in the short term, by courier, the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, logistics automation equipment market has been developing rapidly; the long run, automation equipment enterprises through technological upgrading, is the future of industrial production and trade circulation to improve the efficiency of the key, the long-term bullish.
  Automation equipment market according to different industries, different types of equipments and other conditions, there are various segments. We divided by the type of equipment breakdown, warehouse equipment, transportation equipment, transportation equipment, selection of equipment and software support equipment.
According to the market size and growth segment type, belt conveyor (the largest market in 2015 the scale of 10 billion 630 million), and the automatic sorting equipment is the highest growth rate (the growth rate in 2015 35%), from which we can see in the express delivery enterprise and business enterprise needs the largest equipment areas with the most investment value.
  And on the consumer (such as logistics courier companies), they are in the procurement of equipment on the conveyor logic is what?
According to the author's interviews, the logistics of express logistics enterprises in the selection of the procurement of equipment is more logical
In low tech equipment (such as climbing belt, line belt machine), enterprises will set up their procurement procurement standards, such as the thickness of the steel plate, the type of electric motor and so on, bidding by several suppliers according to this standard, the lowest bidder.
The relative technical content on secondary equipment (stretching machine, turning machine), procurement enterprises often have several brands of fixed requirements, such as in turning machine, Baode Unicorn Portec enterprises in the industry choice of many enterprises, because of its reliable quality, low maintenance rate, (with understanding the logistics and express industry leading SF Germany, in the use of his family's products oh).
In addition to the belt machine and turning machine, probably the best transportation equipment is the technology of automatic sorting machine. Because it has a higher degree of integration, not only including mechanical equipment and control system, according to the size of the venue, the specifications of the goods and planning ahead; so when the express logistics enterprises in the procurement of automatic sorting equipment the tendency to choose have more experience in the implementation of equipment integrators.
From this point of view, the equipment integrators in the purchase of the right to speak, of course, its profit is higher, which is also very consistent with the smile curve in the automation equipment industry chain
Top automation equipment is still in leading, by foreign companies such as Dema Taco, van der Laan DS, fives; state-owned enterprises domestic mail in three due to the earlier, but also has high advantage; and domestic private enterprises as the bright younger generation, in recent years vigorously pursued, and the gap between the top enterprises further reduced.
  The author believes that private sorting equipment companies are currently investment depressions, in many domestic demand pull, I believe that the outstanding representatives of private enterprises in the future will certainly shine in this market